Pulled Thread Embroidery by Marie-Helene Jeanneau

Pulled Thread Embroidery by Marie-Helene Jeanneau

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Also known as ‘counted thread openwork’, ‘pulled threadwork’ or ‘drawn fabric’, this is an openwork effect achieved by simply pulling on the threads of the fabric, without cutting or drawing them. It is worked on loosely woven fabrics using a fine tapestry needle, and counting the threads. The effects vary depending on which stitches are used, how tightly or loosely the fabric is woven and the characteristics of the thread used.

The basic stitches can be combined into a multitude of decorative embroidery patterns creating elegant embellishment for numerous items such as table linen, curtains, light-shades, and small personal accessories. Some of these stitches can be used to outline patterns and create openwork motifs, alone or in combination, while others are for filling in larger or smaller areas. Pulled threadwork can be used on its own or combined with other techniques: free embroidery, patchwork, French quilting… let your imagination run riot.

Although pulled thread embroidery has ancient origins, it is very suited to modern-day decorative use, and opens up infinite creative possibilities, both in terms of the patterns and the stitches themselves.

This is a techniques book providing instruction with clear instructions, stitch diagrams and photographs for over 140 stitch designs. For enthusiasts of pulled thread and openwork embroidery, this book will become an invaluable tool!