Tortoiseshell Style Embroidery Scissors (S Motif) from Sajou

Tortoiseshell Style Embroidery Scissors (S Motif) from Sajou

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These embroidery scissors have tortoiseshell effect handles and reproduce the Sajou "S". The finger rings are beautifully decorated with a festoon detail. The finished article is a very light pair of scissors that are a delight to use.

The pompom on these scissors has a small medallion with a hollowed out “S” in the same material as the scissors.

Quality scissors can be recognized by, among other things, their pairing marks (you will notice the number "24" on the photos presented here) : these are the signs that the blades have been perfectly adjusted for the start of their fabrication.

These scissors, including the pompom, are made in France. It should be pointed out that it takes a dozen qualified people to make each pair.

Size: 11.8cm.

These scissors are presented in a Sajou box. A label on the inside cover explains the manufacturing process.   Made in France