Cross Stitch with Catitude by Emma Congdom

Cross Stitch with Catitude by Emma Congdom

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The cats have spoken... If you humans insist on doing your stitchy hobby rather than give us your full attention, the very least you could do is make it about us cats. A book in our honour might suffice.

Luckily for you Cross stitch with Cattitude is here, a book packed with 20 fresh, sassy and snarky designs celebrating us feisty felines and all of our delightful(!) quirks, and all from best-selling cross stitch designer and bonafide cat lady, Emma Congdon. Cat approved sentiments include: I Hate You the Least; You Work, I Watch and Judge; Feed Me and Tell Me I'm Pretty; How About No; Show Me Your Kitties; Boys Whatever, Cats Forever; Hiss Off; and many more.

Easy-to-follow full-colour charts, step-by-step instructions on all the techniques, and a gifty package make this the ideal (dare we say, purrfect?) book for beginners upwards as well as anyone fortunate enough to be owned by one of us cats. Meow.