Dragon Hall Cross Stitch Chart by Long Dog Samplers

Dragon Hall Cross Stitch Chart by Long Dog Samplers

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Of this design Jools says: "

Dragon Hall, the 18th century house of ill-repute, was built at the behest of sisters Frances and Julia Molyneux, a pair of high class courtesans during the reign of mad King George III of the House of Hangover.

The architect of the hall was allegedly a distant cousin of James Godolphin and incorporated many secret rooms and dungeons into his grandiose plan. Standing as it did on the banks of the River Thames and just a short carriage ride from London, this luxurious bordello was known far and wide for scandal and intrigue. It attracted the patronage of many of the crowned heads of Europe as well as the Prince Regent, Beau Brummell and Sir Francis Dashwood of the notorious Hellfire Club. In fact the great, the good and the not so good all sought recreation beneath its Dutch gabled roof.

Or is this just another of the tall stories made up by a mischievous young raven on his way back from the pub? I’ll leave you to decide and please watch out for the ghostly frog which haunts the upper floors."


  • Area in stitches: 221 x 235