E-Z Stitch Starter Frame Set (Webbing)

E-Z Stitch Starter Frame Set (Webbing)

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Frames are made of quality oak and birch woods. All pieces are hand rubbed and finished. Frames feature metal hardware which is in the frames so there is nothing to strip and the frame will hold a firm tension. An added feature of the concealed hardware is that there are no bolts or nuts that require tools to tighten and no edges to snag your clothing or furniture. These frames offer an attractive means of displaying needlework in progress as well as a display for a finished piece, lending a handcrafted, unique look. 

E-Z Stitch Starter Set, Tape Version

This Scroll Frame Starter Set allows you the versatility and convenience to chose a specific frame for your project. This kit makes 6 different frame sizes. It includes three pairs of scroll rods, measuring 6", 12", and 18", with webbing fabric already attached to the rods. The Starter Set also includes 2 pairs of side bars measuring both 6" and 8", made of solid American Red Oak and hand finished with natural oak oil stain. Kit also includes 4 oak knobs.

Starter Set includes:

  • 1 pair of 6" Scroll Rods with webbing fabric attached

  • 1 pair of 12" Scroll Rods with webbing fabric attached

  • 1 pair of 18" Scroll Rods with webbing fabric attached

  • 1 pair of 6" Side Bars

  • 1 pair of 8" Side Bars

  • 1 set of 4 Oak Knobs

As an alternative to using webbing rods, consider a Starter Set with Tape for Fabric.