Flower Obsession by Cecile Franconie

Flower Obsession by Cecile Franconie

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Like the blooming flower, Cécile’s work continues to climb summits and amaze us in a thousand ways. This new book is impressive for the originality, the diversity, the number of models explained, the quality and styling of the photos, not to mention its weight! Her admirers from all over the world will revel in Flower Obsession with the new influences that invite themselves there such as the mixture of the indigos of an old Japanese quilt that she has sumptuously embroidered and which is on the cover or even the new materials that she works.


Flowers more than ever, sown in embroidery on quilts, treasure boxes, precious notebooks, bags and pouches. Cécile embroiders like a poet writes her verses, expressing with silk ribbons, sequins, pearls , threads of all kinds, humble or precious materials, all the imagination that inhabits her. Cécile is not only an embroiderer, she is a storyteller and this book is a unique and wonderful journey in her world. A spectacular but achievable job because every point, every detail is carefully explained, photographed, illustrated in images to allow you to reproduce the forty small and large projects explained in this book.


“  The year 2020, which was an unusual but very creative year, gave me the desire to make a third book with Quiltmania Editions… There was no question of remaining idle and since it was necessary to stay at home, I I therefore decided to embroider more than 8 hours a day… Once again it is a question of flowers embroidered with recycled materials, woolly patterns, ribbon, pearls,… To give a shine and volume to most of the works presented here.