Garden Pot 4 by Di van Niekerk

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Garden Pots in watercolour! Ever wanted to create a textile work of art, but never had the time? Here is the answer you have been waiting for! This kit is designed for both the beginner and the more advanced embroiderer. Everyone will enjoy embroidering this design! 

An original watercolour is already printed onto the fabric. All you need to do is cover some or all of the flowers and leaves with simple embroidery stitches. Stitch your own flowers and leaves using the watercolour as your guide. Use French or Colonial knots, Chain Stitch, Lazy Daisy and Back Stitch to enhance the design and make your own masterpiece. You no longer need to build from a blank canvas - this method saves so much time!

Practcial advice is included on how to create a surprisingly quick and easy masterpiece. The stitches add texture and enhance the design. Detailed instructions inside will help you with what stitches and colours to choose. For a quicker project allow more of the painted detail to show through and embroider less flowers and leaves. The advantage of this format is that you may cover as much or little detail as your time and expertise allows! Why not start something new - and enjoy this kit!

Size of fabric block: 27 x 27 cm (10.5 x 10.5").

Does not include threads.