Giuliana Ricama Magazine (English) Issue 37

Giuliana Ricama Magazine (English) Issue 37

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Giuliana Ricama is a bi-monthly Italian embroidery magazine that until 2020 was only published in Italian. Fortunately with Issue 33 this changed and now this beautiful needlework magazine is now available in English. It is literally packed with needlework inspiration. Each issue features lots of designs and includes detailed instructions and patterns. As well there are many interesting articles. 

This is a magazine dedicated to embroiderylacecross stitch and macramè. It is an exclusive publication of more than 100 pages, rich of original ideas. Each issue of the magazine includes over 40 pages of:

  • clear, complete, step-by-step instructions
  • original patterns
  • gorgeous images of the details
  • list of materials
  • level of difficulty
  • tips for the best result

If you would like to regularly receive each copy of this magazine be sure to give the shop a call (Ph 0733985540).

Issue 37 in storre now! This issue contains many interesting articles as well as patterns for an embroidered doily, Dorset buttons, a Shadow work tablecloth, a reticello runner, Assissi placemats, Hovej - Hungarian needlelace, panels from the Bayeaux tapestry and more.