Mt Fuji (Hana-Fukin) Sashiko preprinted Sampler

Mt Fuji (Hana-Fukin) Sashiko preprinted Sampler

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Stitch with different colored threads for added decoration.

Sashiko pre-printed samplers have wash-out stitching lines.  Do not pre-wash.

100% cotton - Finished size approximately 13" x 13".

The design is printed on one half of the sampler.  The other half of the sampler has no design.  Use the plain half as the backing for a pillow or other project, draw your own design on the second half or leave plain.  Stitch through both layers for a little heavier fabric if using for a quilt square.  In Japan, the samplers are stitched through both layers, hemmed and use for tea towels or table decorations.