Hand Stitched House by Theresa Lawson

Hand Stitched House by Theresa Lawson

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Learn all the secrets to creating a beautiful embroidered portrait of your home. Find out the techniques you need to create fabulous dimension, realistic effects and the little details that will make your embroidered house portrait as unique as your home. 

What's in the book?

  • Step-by-step instructions for designing and stitching an embroidered house
  • A guide through the tools and materials needed including tips and tricks for getting the best out of them
  • Guidance on achieving the dramatic dimension and tiny details that will draw the viewer in
  • Over 70 pages of different techniques 
  • Embroidery instructions unique to embroidered house projects
  • Bonus material such as worksheets and fonts

What makes the workbook different?

The spiral bound workbook makes using the book to create your hand-stitched home much easier.  Due to the spiral binding, the book will lay flat no matter what page you are working from.  This means you don't risk losing your page, you don't have to keep flipping the book open and you will be able to refer to the page quickly and easily.  PLUS the paper the book is printed on makes taking notes in the book easy!

Can I create a cross-stitch house pattern using the book?

Although the book is embroidery focused and does not talk specifically about creating a cross-stitched pattern, you will be able to use the design tips and even some of the suggested embroidery techniques to create a cross-stitch pattern of your home.

Do I need to know how to embroider to use this book?

Some embroidery experience may be handy to get the most out of this book. The book will not go into great detail on things like setting up a frame or step-by-step embroidery stitch tutorials. However even beginner embroiderers have been able to use the book to create a portrait of their home with little to no embroidery experience. Ambition to create is more important than experience. 

You don't have to stop at creating a portrait of your own home. You can use the lessons from this book to create the home of someone you love, a building you love or your future dream home!  What you learn from Hand-Stitched House will help you to create a lovingly handmade piece of embroidered art.  Whether it's an heirloom memory for yourself or a gift for someone special; your embroidered house will be treasured for many years to come.