How to Embroider almost Every Animal

How to Embroider almost Every Animal

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How to Embroider Almost Every Animal offers essential how-to's plus a collection of more than 400 fun, fresh motifs for a menagerie of animals and animal themes.

How to Embroider Almost Every Animal is an inspiring, fun, and sophisticated collection of 400+ stitch motifs that offer a fresh take on animal-themed embroidery.

• Get a detailed checklist of everything you'll need to embark on your animal stitching adventure, plus step-by-step tutorials for essential stitches and other techniques.
• Explore 400+ adorable stitch motifs that celebrate animals of every description and from every habitat. In addition to hundreds of fresh motifs for an amazing assortment of animals are animals in scenes-pasture, forest, barnyard, jungle, and more-plus a field guide of motifs for mythical, extinct, and unusual animals as well as animal-themed symbols and icons.
• Re-create the motifs exactly as shown using the accompanying templates and stitch guides, or give them your own creative spin by changing details and colors to suit your own style and imagination.

How to Embroider Almost Every Animal helps you take your first steps to creating beautiful stitched animals with needle and thread! Each book in the Almost Everything series offers readers a fun, comprehensive, and charmingly illustrated visual directory of ideas to inspire skill building in their creative endeavors.