I Love My Cat by Victoria Sampler

I Love My Cat by Victoria Sampler

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The Dueck who designed this chart writes - 

“Croucher, Jumper, sweet face bumper.... Stealthy creeper, armchair sleeper...”  This adorable sampler is dedicated to anyone who loves cats. If I had a choice between a cat and a dog, I would probably first choose a cat. A cat is not so likely to follow you around or do what you say. It’s the kind of animal that is both loving and independent. In this original sampler, you can see a scene showing a number of differently coloured cats. It was impossible to put all the cat breeds in one sampler, so I chose to create a tribute to cats in general. I can imagine that your particular cat may not be among the cats on this sampler, so do feel free to change the colouring of one of the cats to suggest the coat and color of your own precious pet. The verse is part of a much longer verse I found without an author, but I made sure only to include a short few lines to respect copyright. If you can think of another verse or saying, feel free to substitute wording you might like better. At the very top shows the catnip flower planted in a clay pot. The cats shown at the top panel are playing with a ball of red yarn, and the lower scene is more restful, although the Siamese really wants to check out the goldfish. We have included an alternately charted wording to pluralize the word ‘CAT’ . A gorgeous Hardanger panel at bottom, and some green natural pearls enhance the lacy bands. I dedicate this sampler to all the cats in our lives, past as well as current or future. I hope you enjoy stitching this sampler for yourself or a cat lover, with love in your heart. 

Design area: 60w x 176h (4.3” w x 12.6” h)
Model: 28ct Raw Cashel Linen -
Cut fabric: 11” w x 19” h for framing OR finishing

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