Inspirations 115

Inspirations 115

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Layers of colour and texture elevate the stitching experience and enhance the beauty of the projects in issue 115, with the use of raised embroidery techniques, cutwork, silk ribbon, wool threads, and translucent and hand-dyed fabrics with compelling surface embroidery.

Featured Projects

'Inspirations Issue 115' features the following projects:

  • Primroses & Violets by Di van Niekerk

    Dimensional silk ribbon and layering techniques bring these sumptuous blooms to life

  • Red Columbine by Trish Burr

    Stunning presentation of a single, vibrant flower on translucent fabric

  • Golden Moth Orchid by Alison Cole

    Superb stumpwork study of a golden Australian orchid

  • Sweet Stitches by Fumie Suzuki

    Dainty drawstring pouch featuring exquisite Hedebo embroidery

  • Blue-Breasted Fairy Wren by Renette Kumm

    Colourful, blue-breasted fairy wren depicted with threadpainting

  • Floral Symphony by Laurence Lieblich

    Pretty flowers worked with lustrous silk threads adorn this small, linen cushion

  • Daffodils & Violas by Wendy Innes

    Bright, spring flowers embroidered using stumpwork, raised and surface embroidery

  • Ophelia's Fox by Phillipa Turnbull

    Crewel embroidery panel of a red fox in his woodland territory