Peace Wheel By Ink Circles

Peace Wheel By Ink Circles

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Peace Wheel was inspired by Kolam or Rangoli paintings, which are a most unusual and transient form of art found in India and many other Asian countries. They are drawn by hand using powdered rice or rock directly onto the ground. The artist frequently starts with a matrix of dots, then creates a path of twisty turny lines that weave around and between the dots. When the wind, rain, and walkers take their toll, the design is swept away and replaced by a new one, usually before sunrise every day.

Kolams are drawn as a blessing and a welcome to all visitors. They are thought to bring prosperity to the household and keep evil spirits away. Mathematicians and anthropologists alike have been fascinated by and study the diverse designs. 

The design is 171 stitches square and was stitched with Dinky Dyes silks on 32 count linen.