Queen Rose Night Crewel Embroidery Kit by Tatiana Popova

Queen Rose Night Crewel Embroidery Kit by Tatiana Popova

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Product description:

- fabric with the template of the design transferred to it + backing fabric;

- big size photograph of finished embroidery;

- close-up images;

- detailed instructions;

- step-by-step stitch guide.

Crewel pattern packs by Tatiana Popova include everything you will need to make your own masterpiece except the threads.

Each crewel design comes transferred onto the high-quality cotton fabric, along with detailed instructions, high-resolution close-up images and a stitch guide.

Moreover, she wants to make her crewel pattern packs eco-friendly by encouraging embroiderers to make use of their stocks of thread left-overs. For crewel embroidery is the best technique for that, being incredably rich and a kind of free-form stitching. Therefore she does not add sets of threads and needles to her crewel designs, so that you can use your own treasures. Even if you finally decide to use some threads of a particular colour, not available from your stash, you will have to purchase only those few, not the whole bunch of threads mentioned in You will need list! (Surely, you will get that list of threads used for original stitching, but there would be no need to follow it by the letter!)

Besides, having selected a set of threads of your own, you will not only save your time and money, but also get a totally unique embroidery design! Unleash your creativity and enjoy stitching!