Santa in the House Mini Slide and Pin by Just Nan

Santa in the House Mini Slide and Pin by Just Nan

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Time for a little fun!  A Christmas house with glistening snow on the roof is on the top of the mini slide and a tiny 2-sided sampler Santa nestles inside. 

Santa is ready to fill a stocking on one side of the sampler and a Christmas Heart Pin decorates the back.  Sampler is stitched as one piece, then folded and finished by joining backstitches on 3 sides.  A small piece of cardboard is inserted to stop pins from piercing the stitching on the front. Red beads decorate the 4 corners on each side.  A magnet holds everything in place. This will make a great gift!

Kit includes the Christmas House Mini Slide, graph and instructions for stitching and finishing the sampler, red beads, Christmas Heart Pin and a small piece of cardboard. 

Because they are so labor intensive, Just Nan has a limited number of these, and they have sold out so we only have current stock available.