Schwalm Needle-Weaving Bands by Luzine Happel

Schwalm Needle-Weaving Bands by Luzine Happel

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Needle-weaving hems and needle-weaving bands are an inherent part of Schwalm whitework. And the huge number of different possibilities makes this special type of embroidery varied and interesting.

Luzine has collected into a new publication a huge number of band patterns with short explanations. This publication will enable embroiderers to find the perfect pattern for their taste and purpose.

The featured needle-weaving band patterns were found on pieces worked within the last two hundred years – 193 different patterns in all.

To both show the course of larger patterns and also enable a size comparison, all patterns are shown over a section of about seventy-two bundles.

The patterns are arranged into these categories:

  • A-patterns
  • one-piece block patterns
  • two-piece block patterns
  • two-piece block patterns with spiders
  • mirrored patterns

In addition, these patterns are also included:

  • divided patterns
  • needle-weaving with wrapped bundles patterns
  • pattern combinations

In each of the categories, the patterns are arranged according to their number of units. To make it easier to find a special pattern, the number of bundles of a single pattern segment is also provided for each pattern. (Of course all the special terms are clarified.)

Tips for creating both new patterns and different samplers round out this very special and precious publication.