Simply Stitched with Punch Needle by Yumiko Higuchi

Simply Stitched with Punch Needle by Yumiko Higuchi

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Discover the art of punch needle with this collection of 11 special projects from Japanese embroidery artist Yumiko Higuchi.

The author offers her simple, modern spin on classic embroidery projects, including brooches, pouches, coasters, samplers, pillows and hoop art. Inspired by the colours and shapes of nature, her designs feature fruit, flowers, leaves, gemstones, and animals. She explores different punch needle techniques, utilizing traditional embroidery floss to create a variety of textures, from flat stitches and tidy little loops to plush, three-dimensional shapes. You'll also learn how to create shading with embroidery floss and incorporate metallic thread into your work for an elegant touch.

Once you get started with this rhythmic, meditative needle art, you won't be able to stop!