Sparkling Violets Pillow by The Sweetheart Tree

Sparkling Violets Pillow by The Sweetheart Tree

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This is, of course, for all you purple people (c’mon – you know who you are!). Nothing is much sweeter than spring violets so you’re going to want to have this one finished up before the first crocus pops it’s head through the snow. Our stitched version of violets are worked with specialty satin stitches and they have a really cute three-dimensional sheen – and each “violet” has a Royal Pearl bead in the center – so sweet! Our new Amethyst colored Paillettes are scattered throughout – they sparkle like special little Amethyst gems making this an totally elegant piece.  “Sparkling Violets” design has been made into a pillow to decorate the guest bed but this looks totally sweet as a framed piece too!

Pattern and embellishment pack only. Threads and fabric available separately.cros

Stitch Count: 72w x 72h
Suggested Fabric: 32 Count Platinum Belfast Linen
Includes Embellishments: SV-CP488 3mm Amethyst Paillettes, Embellishment Pack contains 8 3mm Amethyst Paillettes