The Pleater Manual by Sarah Douglas

The Pleater Manual by Sarah Douglas

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This is THE definitive guide to operating a smocking pleater and working with pleated fabric. Written by an expert in smocking, Saran Douglas gives you more information than you ever would want to know about pleating and working with pleated fabric.

Covers the basic subjects and then goes into a comparison of the popular brands of pleaters and advanced subjects like pleating on the bias and curves. Included is a glossary of terms, pleating directions for all types of fabrics and pleater maintenance instructions. The layout of the book is set up as lesson plans on every type of pleating, exotic or regular. She certainly did her research well and it definitely shows.

I recommend this book as a must have in every smockers library especially if you like to know the ins and outs of how a pleater works and the comparisons between the different pleaters available.