Rechargeable Cordless LED Task Lamp by Vivilux

Rechargeable Cordless LED Task Lamp by Vivilux

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A powerful desk light for work and play. Vivilux designed and manufactured the light you are going to love for everyday life! Outfitted with a built-in wireless mobile charger and USB charging port, all powered by a long lasting rechargeable battery. With this light you can charge your phone simultaneously!

Long lasting charge for extended use: Rechargeable battery fully charges in just 3 hours, then provides hours worth of light! Battery is rated for 50 000 hour LED life, and is not replaceable. Charges with the included USB cord and wall plug. Additional batteries not required.

The perfect light for tasks: this great portable lamp provides 3 different light settings to illuminate your world and brighten your mood for any and all occasions - a bright white light for hobbies, a warm light for reading and a true natural daylight, so great for make-up sessions and writing! 550 lumens bright

Versatile and Multi-use lamp: set the lamp on a desk, table, shelf or mount it on a wall or underneath a cabinet with the flexible 12inch gooseneck, you can direct the light anywhere you need it.

Light weight and portable.