Vol 3 - Reticello (Reticella 1) by Giuliana Buonpadre

Vol 3 - Reticello (Reticella 1) by Giuliana Buonpadre

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Of this book, Giuliana wrote" Il Reticello (Reticella 1) is a basic handbook for learning and exploring this technique.
The preparatory work is done by drawing threads from an even weave linen fabric with 15 or 16 threads per cm (but one can also begin with 12-14 threads), to give the "empty" spaces which form the basis for embroidering various motifs, choosing the most appropriate threads for the type of fabric used.

The book illustrates all the various stages for this, from the initial withdrawal of threads to the rendering of complex designs, which can be viewed in diagrams and scans of the finished projects. With practise, reticello, which originated in sixteenth-century Venice, and which I have tried to re-launch with my own interpretations in this book and subsequent publications, can be used to bring a touch of elegance and transparency to a gift (covers, pin cushions, cushion covers etc.) or to any household linen items - pillows, table centres, tablecloths, sheets, curtains etc."

Book is in English and Italian.